Amy & Craig - Stone Barn, Cotswolds

I'll never forget Amy & Craig's wedding as it was simply packed with so many memorable moments. I always enjoy shooting at the Stone Barn - it's a fantastic venue with amazing light and for a photographer that makes it pretty special.

Amy got ready at her Mum's in Bishops Cleeve with her bridesmaids. The youngest, Hannah, was a major cutie pie and was full of endless character throughout the day. After shooting the bridal prep, I popped around the corner to The Apple Tree where Craig and his groomsmen, and many of the guests were meeting before boarding a Routemaster to head for the venue. Craig and his gents were what I term 'high-value wedding assets' - basically hilarious banter-factories that are great fun to photograph.

Arriving at Stone Barn, it seemed like we were all ready to rock until I heard a whisper which I initially took to be a joke. It quickly became clear that it wasn't - the Best Man, Craig's brother, had forgotten the wedding rings! I've been shooting weddings for 6 years and this is the first time I've seen this happen. I'll be honest, it was hard not to grin! Craig, to his absolute credit took the situation in his stride. He stayed remarkably chilled, and was incredibly magnanimous towards his bro, while the rings were retrieved from Cheltenham. There's a picture below, with Craig on the phone, moments after the reality of the situation came to light. I feel like it sums up the "Sorry... he did what?!" mentality that was prevalent in that moment!

Crisis averted, the rings arrived and the show was on. Sarah Harper-Little of Cotswold Ceremonies married Amy & Craig and she was one of the standout celebrants that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Honest, relaxed without being overblown, she was just fantastic. Craig's Dad had secretly arranged the presentation, and subsequent release, of some white doves and that added something rather fun - especially with kids who were fascinated by the entire process. Wedding photography is rarely about mashing the shutter button with the motor drive in high gear, but I could have done with a 10fps sports body for the dove release, they're literally gone in a flash!

The rest of the day went without a hitch. The speeches were fantastic and full of heartfelt emotion, we managed to avoid some rain in the afternoon when it came time for portraits and the dance floor antics were a sight to behold. My thanks to Amy & Craig for being fantastic to work with and a lot of fun. Here as ever, are a selection of my favourites: