Vicky & Paul - Greyfriars House, Guildford

What a fun wedding! As the photos show, Vicky & Paul's gang seriously know how to party! I'd not shot at Greyfriars House previously and it's a really lovely venue. In this day and age, weddings are big business and sometimes venues can lose some of their soul and end up feeling like wedding factories. No such risk with Greyfriars, it's thoroughly unique, charming and characterful. Perched just off the Hogs Back, it has wonderful views out towards Puttenham and Elstead, and it somehow manages to blend grandeur with familiarity, comfort with class.

Vicky & Paul did some really interesting things on their wedding day. After their service, which took place at St Joan of Arc Church in Farnham, they gave themselves a reasonable amount of time to greet their guests before moving on to the reception. This is quite rare, but worked extremely well. I also particularly liked the choice to do outdoor speeches at the end of their drinks reception rather than the end (or start) of the wedding breakfast; it worked really well. It made things feel summery and friendly and, with Greyfriars tiered garden, was photographically compelling. Their first dance was awesome too, invaded hilariously by guests wearing Paul & Vicky masks! I didn't know this was coming (nor did they), and for a few seconds I was genuinely freaked out!

It's sometimes hard to tell whether a crowd of people are going to be party animals or not. A wedding day is a great microcosm for the theory that 'a person is a collection of many different people', and, over the course of the day, the huge tides of powerful emotions generally reveal a variety of different sub-personalities. One of my job's most interesting elements is discovering these many facets and watching the roller coaster of emotion from nervous, excited anticipation through joy and relief on to happiness and celebration. I thought Vicky & Paul might be reasonably reserved when the dancing kicked off. I was somewhat wrong! These guys rocked. I haven't had this much fun photographing a dance floor for an age.

Anyway, enough from me. My thanks to Vicky & Paul for being wonderful clients and to Barrie Heptonstall for running everything so superbly at Greyfriars. Here's a selection of my favourite images from their day.