Sarah & Tom - Cripps Barn, Cirencester

The summer solstice, sunshine, possibly the most beautiful wedding venue I've ever worked and a tremendously welcoming group of people, Sarah & Tom's wedding was a blast.

In many ways this wedding mirrored of one of my earlier Cotswold's wedding, Jojo & Tom's but in other ways it was entirely different. Sarah got ready at Barnsley House, rightfully lauded as an absolute gem of a hotel, while Tom was at the most excellent Wheatsheaf Inn in Northleach. While I've worked at its sister venues, this was my first time at Cripps Barn itself and it was especially awesome. Occasionally as photographers we find ourselves in locations that are akin to visual playgrounds. Cripps Barn is one such location. It's just got everything, groves, meadows, high ceilings, great textures, open spaces, closed spaces - in short it is a lot of fun!

Sarah & Tom had an outside ceremony and, while the weather was extremely warm, Sarah's Greek-Cypriot genes came in handy as we all manned-up and pretended like 30 degrees and suits was something we could easily handle! The evening was great fun, pizza from Baz & Fred, a heady mix of pop and gangsta-rap on the dance floor (I jest not) and cigars all-round. It was immense. Cheers guys!