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Danielle & Rick - A Wedding Celebration Sneak Peek!

Last year I ran a competition in which the winners would receive wedding coverage of their day, free of charge, from yours truly. Danielle & Rick were those lucky winners. Dan & Rick were married in Sri Lanka in April and unfortunately the prize didn't include overseas coverage. More's the pity for me as I didn't get to enjoy the stunning scenery and warm sunshine!

On their return Danielle & Rick planned a wedding celebration party at the Hadlow Manor Hotel near Tonbridge for everyone who couldn't make it out to Sri Lanka. I was lucky enough to shoot the party yesterday evening, and had a blast doing so. Wedding celebrations/parties are always slightly different to shoot than a standard wedding. It's hard to put my finger on exactly how they differ, but there's subtle difference beyond the obvious lack of a marriage ceremony. More laughter, less tension/anticipation and a slight change in general mood. It's interesting.

Danielle & Rick were awesome and I couldn't have been luckier, they were both lovely and their families likewise. A warmer, more welcoming set of people you'd be hard pushed to meet. The whole thing was extreme fun times! Anyway, time for some images, below you'll find a selection of some personal favourites from the evening.

Photographers P.S. One of these is shot with the X100. Can you tell which without checking the EXIF?

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