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Folio Albums

When I first started working as a wedding photographer, there wasn't, in all honesty, a first rate wedding album that I was really happy with. There were certainly some lovely albums, but nothing that summed up the simplicity, workmanship and material quality that I was looking for. I had this album in my head, the 'perfect' wedding album if you will. I yearned for something that was printed onto matt fine art paper, simply leather bound, to have stiff, but not overly thick pages, for it to exhibit outstanding print fidelity, across the seam printing and lay flat pages. KISS books in the US was the closest I'd come across but they weren't quite right. Plus they were based in the States.

Folio Albums launched last year and they immediately piqued my interest. Online they appeared to tick all the boxes. Folio were displaying at a tradeshow at the Windsor Racecourse so I promptly went along and had a look. It's only a short drive for me and frankly I was only going to check out the Folio's, but once I'd beelined to their stand, pored over their product and convinced myself that this was the holy grail album I had been searching for, I wandered amongst the other exhibitors. Doing so only further confirmed the calibre of the Folio Albums. There were lots of other decent manufacturers hawking lovely products, but nothing that matched the simple elegance of the Folio Albums.

The reason I love Folio is partly because I think they fit really well with the style of my work. They're albums have an understated, nothing-to-prove tone to them. It's all about the content and gimmicks simply do not feature. The quality and the single-mindedness of the product speaks for itself. I really value simplicity. Photography is often about simple composition and choosing to exclude, rather than include, elements. Folio Albums echo this principle. They've also recently started offering a linen covered mini-album (see the grey album below) which is equally superb.

Folio is run by Stewart Randall, a guy who seriously impressed me when we first met. His customer service has been truly superb and generally I have a lot of faith in everything he and his business are doing. He seems like the sort of guy who wants to do a truly quality job from start to finish. If there's a gimmick it's that that, simply, is Folio Albums 'USP'.

Anyway, enough waxing lyrical.

I recently received both a sample album and another client album. I've been meaning to shoot a selection of sample images and I've finally got round to it. These do a reasonable job of showing you the details in a Folio Album, but they don't show the paper texture, which for me is one of the highlights. You need to hold them and handle them to really appreciate it! I do offer other Album options, but Folio are my mainstay going forward. They're what I continuously recommend and what I personally think do the best job of showcasing my work. Take a look at the images below:

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