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The "Photobooth" option in my wedding brochure is probably the option that raises the most discussion and questions. Mostly a simple "what is it?". To that end I thought it was worth taking a moment to talk about how the Photobooth works and what it does. If you ever went to a University ball or have been to a charity party, you'll have come across the usual setup featuring a professional photographer taking staged portraits. You know the drill: white backdrop, a few studio flashlights, a photographer telling you how to pose with your significant other - often a couple of silly shots at the end - an assistant handing out cards and normally a big queue.

The Photobooth I offer takes all the good things about that setup and improves upon it. Firstly, the setup is entirely automated. There is no photographer. I set everything up before the wedding/party/event and then leave it to you to enjoy and have fun with it. We're a retiring bunch us Brits, and few of us are great at posing for the camera or smiling to order. Removing the photographer from the equation helps relax us and our inhibitions tend to go out of the window. Roll on fun photos with natural, happy smiles!

The Photobooth consists of a tripod with a digital SLR camera mounted on top and either one or two studio strobe flashlights on seperate stands nearby. On the ground in front of the camera is a wired foot-release. This takes the form of a small pedal not dissimilar from a guitar pedal. A simple press on the pedal fires the camera. One press equals one shot. The camera is synced with the flashes wirelessly and these fire at the appropriate time. Prior to the event I balance and test the lighting to ensure that throughout the night the Photobooth continues taking well exposed, perfectly focused photos.

The great benefit of this system over the regular, photographer and his assistant approach is the scope to have fun. Aside from returning to the Photobooth occasionally to check that everything is running smoothly, there is no one on the otherside of the camera to put you off or tell you how to pose or act. due to this it tends to work extremely well with people genuinely letting their hair down, especially after a few drinks. The images are recorded to memory card and there is no limit on the number of pictures you can take in an evening. If a memory card fills up, I simply replace it with another one.

Following the wedding, I simply offload the pictures, do any minor colour correcting and delete any images with nobody in the frame. Aside from that I don't interfere or filter the images. You get all the pictures in all their (often very funny/very silly) glory. The images are included on DVD and prints can be ordered via my website from just £2 - a preview gallery is available the day after the Wedding. Typically at an evening Wedding reception this equates to 700 or so images. Many people include a dressing up box or offer props and I can always bring this sort of thing along if you'd like to get creative. It tends to be an exceptionally good way of getting a picture of pretty much everyone because given a few minutes, most people can't resist having a go.

So there you have it. A description of the Photobooth and how it works. I'll try and add a 'behind the scenes' picture at some point in the not too distant future showing the simplicity of the setup itself and how little space it needs to work well.

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